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Just as we’ve done with our Super Buys, we’ve added a new category for bud that is simply head and shoulders above the rest. We’re not going to bastardize it by giving it an A-rating – it’s just as good as it gets.

Tiny Bomb, also known as “The Incredible Tiny Bomb” to some members of the cannabis community, is an extremely rare sativa dominant (70% sativa/30% indica) strain that is a reworked phenotype of the insanely popular Space Queen strain.

Tiny Bomb has a distinct aroma of sour pungent fruit and a taste that has been described as extremely sour fruity candies that have gone bad.

Expect the Tiny Bomb high as one that slowly creeps up on you, leaving you slightly upbeat and increasingly motivated and happy. You’ll feel a fast-onset of gratifying pain relief in both mind and body followed by an intense rush of energy and motivation that peaks after about an hour or so. Upon the comedown, you’ll feel lethargic and lazy with slight tendencies towards couch-lock and the munchies.

Due to these potent indica and sativa effects, Tiny Bomb is an ideal strain for treating those suffering from conditions such as fatigue, pain, stress and anxiety disorders.


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