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Try Sour Diesel for a Long Lasting Experience

Sour Diesel is a hybrid dominated by Sativa. Marijuana connoisseurs have long used this hybrid strain to enjoy the shared benefits of Sativa and Indica strains. Although not everyone falls in love with this strain right away, many people consider it an acquired taste.


Enjoy a Long-Lasting High with Sour Diesel Strain

Sour Diesel strain delivers a long-lasting and powerful high that can last lasts up to five hours. All the while, the reinvigorating nature of the strain will give you crystal-clear focus, making it an excellent way to enhance your productivity during the daytime.

The uplifting and motivating ability of this strain has compelled many long-time coffee drinking marijuana fans to ditch their morning brew for Sour Diesel. It creates an energetic and alert experience for the user, resulting in mindful creativity. Aside from energizing your mind, it also revitalizes your upper body, enhancing your visual capability and increasing hunger.

Sour Diesel effectively has medicinal qualities for people suffering from anxiety and depression.


When Should You Use Sour Diesel?

The ability of Sour Diesel to turn your mood around completely after consumption makes it especially effective. The strain is also known for relieving migraines, insomnia, and muscle pain.
Regardless of your previous experience, the fast-acting, hard-hitting, and long-lasting nature of Sour Diesel will always stand out for you. With that said, inexperienced users should show caution when using this legendary strain because of its high THC content.


Appearance Taste and Smell

People call this strain Sour Diesel for nothing. The Sour Diesel bud has one of the most pungent smells compared to other strains. Surprisingly, the pungent and skunky qualities were partially the reason why this strain became so popular in the marijuana world.

Many of the samples of this strain have hints of lemon and other variants of citrus embedded in their flavour. However, many times, the skunky and pungent flavour overwhelms other flavours, making the citric and spicy flavour subtle. Getting an earthy taste while smoking is also pretty common for this strain.


History and Genetics

Sour Diesel shares its genetics with the ever-famous hybrid strains Chemdawg and Indica strain Super Skunk. Despite partially having its roots in an Indica strain, Sour Diesel has a strong Sativa dominant nature, which has contributed to its popularity. Many also believe that the strain’s origins include shades of Hawaiian and Northern Lights undertones.

At the same time, Sour Diesel has a considerably high THC content ranging from 19% to 25%, on average. For additional flavour, the strain has small amounts of limonene, pinene, terpenes, and myrcene, as well as a citrus scent and flavour.


Why Should You Buy Sour Diesel?

A single deep toke of Sour Diesel is enough to make some people feel euphoric and happy. All the while, users will feel an endless surge of energy, invigorating them to tackle the entire day effortlessly.


The best time to take this strain is at the start of the day since it provides users with an extra zip and boost. We highly recommend Sour Diesel people suffering from depression because of its sudden energy rush and mood boost. The long-lasting effects of this Sativa-strain make it ideal for people dealing with chronic fatigue and stress.

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  1. gautch1959 (verified owner)

    I love this stuff extremely! My kinda buzz! Just about to order more!!

  2. Kelly-Ray Stoger (verified owner)

    WholesaleBud threw in a free eighth of this stuff and I am hooked! I love it and I’ll definitely be coming back for more!

  3. adam.cohenaj (verified owner)

    Very, very nice

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