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Smoking Thinnest King Size Brown

Are you still switching to different rolling paper brands because you haven’t found the right one yet? If that’s the case, then try Smoking Thinnest King Size Rolling Papers. There are strong chances that your search for a perfect rolling paper will end after trying them out. These papers are thin and long and let you roll wholesome joints makes for a perfect smoking-up session.


Light as Air

The best thing about Smoking Thinnest King Size Rolling Papers is that it lives up to its name. It is indeed one of the thinnest rolling papers available in the market. These king-size brown papers are 20% thinner than any regular, off-the-shelf pack of rolling papers. It is worth noting that the lightness and featherweight of these rolling papers have no bearing on their strength. You can roll it without tearing it up. Also, a joint rolled in Smoking Thinnest maintains its shape and doesn’t warp due to the weight of the pot inside.


No Chlorine, No Bleach

People tend to switch from one rolling paper to the other because they don’t like how a paper overrides the taste of the strain they are smoking. Smoking Thinnest rolling papers inherently have a neutral taste profile because of their thinness. They don’t interfere with the taste of cannabis because they are made of 100% natural plant glue with no chlorine or bleach treatment or use of any chemical or colors. Its brown color is what it naturally gets after drying up.

This natural manufacturing and non-existent use of chemicals make sure you use this rolling paper without worrying about its taste spilling over the taste of your pot.


Made Without Hurting the Environment

There are very few rolling papers out there that have the FSC certification. Smoking Thinnest King-Size Rolling Papers are one of them. This certification signifies that the paper is made without unethical sourcing of timber and without hurting the environment. If you are moving towards a sustainable and eco-friendly way of living, Smoking Thinnest Rolling Papers will match your lifestyle.


Ideal for Roaches

Every pack of Smoking Thinnest King-Size Rolling Papers contains 33 leaves and an equal number of cardboard tips. The manufacturer has made rolling roaches easy for you. You don’t need to tear visiting cards and other important pieces of hard paper. Secondly, every tip is pre-cut. This allows you to make long roaches that remain smooth to drag till the last puff.

A thin paper in king size and neutral taste profile with readymade tips let you make the best roaches you have ever head and that too without breaking a sweat.

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