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Nova OG

There are plenty of powerful THC strains in the market that promise to deliver a great high, but none can compare with Nova OG. This is the most powerful strain that you can buy right now, and the great part about it is that it is also perfect for medical users. Nova OG is extremely potent and has a scent of sweet wood and berries, with notes of spicy herbs predominant when you exhale.

The Nova OG bud is known to be intensely verdant and has subtle white trichomes covering the bud. The strain is also noteworthy for offering its users with an intensely energized clear-headedness accompanied by positive feelings, which makes it perfect for daytime use. Some users have also noted that it offers an overwhelming feeling of completeness, and a sense of well-being while helping people suffering from clinical depression find respite from negative thoughts.

The powerful head high it gives off gradually makes its way down to the body and acts as a powerful muscle relaxant. So you can be laid out on your couch for hours and enjoy the powerful high of this incredibly powerful strain.


Powerful High with Lots of Benefits

The Nova OG strain is considered by many to be one of the most powerful commercially available strains on the market today. It balances extremely high THC levels, with an equal amount of CBD, and combines the sedative effects of the Jack the Ripper strain with the mental focus benefits of the Harlequin strain. The high levels of CBD present in the Nova OG strain make it the perfect medication for people with chronic pain, arthritis, tremors, and muscle spasms.

The intense high that is offered by this strain is strong enough to knock you out on your feet. Even though it is recommended for daytime use, you should be careful in its administration. It offers many benefits to users, and this Indica-dominant strain will leave you sitting on your couch blissfully for hours without a care in the world.


Extremely Potent THC High

The one thing that defines the Nova OG strain is that it has an extremely potent THC high that leaves users with intensely energized clear-headedness and feelings of positivity. That’s one of the main reasons why it has proven to be so beneficial for people who are struggling with clinical depression. The intense high that it generates ensures that you have no negative feelings, and you feel at one with your surroundings.

The best part about this strain is that it doesn’t overwhelm you even if it is powerful. The effects come on slowly and give you enough time to get used to the sensation before enveloping you. The strong sedative effects that it gives ensure that you’re going to be in a relaxed state of mind and enjoy the buzz that it creates in your head.

4 reviews for NOVA OG

  1. scatman007 (verified owner)

    This is the stuff dreams are made of. If you want a kick ass indica with great taste and flavor, this buds for you. Starts with a strong head high, eventually leading to numbness and couch lock.

  2. kangourou2 (verified owner)

    This is my absolute favourite. Nova OG has a great taste and the THC level should not be underestimated. This strain is great for the evening and will not disappoint.

  3. JH (verified owner)

    This stuff got me right to the point. Visual,smell,taste are all pleasant. The buzz was nice and strong for me and in a good way witch is a bonus

  4. jadafie (verified owner)

    Nova is one of the best strains I’ve smoked. It’s my go to weed. Ordered it time and time again.

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