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Arguably one of the most popular and sought-after strains of all time, Northern Lights is an inbred descendent of original Afghani landrace strains that’s pure indica. The best part – a couple hits is all it takes to get you feeling its powerful body effects.

It’s known for its earthy notes of sweet, woody pine with spicy, herbal and floral hints.

Users can expect to feel an intense body high that delivers feelings of physical relaxation and sleepiness with an uplifting mix of euphoria and happiness.

Northern Lights is widely used as a medical strain, offering effective relief of anxiety, pain, insomnia and loss of appetite.

• 95% indica, 5% sativa
• 33% THC
• Spicy, sweet, woody pine
• Powerful body effects, euphoria
• Great for anxiety, pain, insomnia
• Ideal for nighttime use

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5 reviews for NORTHERN LIGHTS

  1. richarddansereau (verified owner)

    True to its Indica roots, this weed is excellent for relaxing, you feel at peace after toking. It delivers a nice, soothing high and you can see why it won the Cannabis cup many times. It’s a classic and in my list of all time favorites.

  2. shawnnobaker (verified owner)

    Love this strain .nice potent fresh weed.there legit

  3. robert.dupuis (verified owner)

    Another winner here. Smooth, tastes great and definitely does the job.

  4. steve.smilis.2013 (verified owner)

    Another great Strain for insomnia. If your having trouble sleeping. Use both blue cheese and northern lights are in my tool bag to use at bedtime

  5. farrell.radioboy (verified owner)

    In a word, “oily” – one of those strains that never really drys out to vape & starts to play havoc with the screen as it fights to be hash. Aroma, sorta dank woodsy. Effects, very much as described… happy, then relaxed, then sleepy, then I’ve gone & misplaced that remote control. Top quality Northern Lights, good pricing, will be picking this up again.

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