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A three-way cross between Great White Shark, White Widow and Snow White strains, Megalodon is a slightly sativa-dominant strain that packs a powerful full-bodied high.

It’s known for its super spicy, herbal, skunky aroma that delivers a hit of pungency, layered with notes of pepper and incense. It gives off a smooth smoke, leaving behind a vaguely skunky taste on the exhale.

Users can expect to feel a light cerebral onset that puts you in an energized state of happiness and creativity as it builds in the back of your mind. This is met with a light tingling sensation that spreads across your entire body for a slightly aroused feeling and sense of total relaxation you can expect to enjoy for hours.

Megalodon is a great strain for people dealing with stress and depression, as well as users who have trouble with their focus and attention or are experiencing deep aches and pains.

• 60% sativa, 40% indica
• 20-23 % THC
• Spicy, herbal, skunky
• Relaxed yet energized
• Great for anxiety, migraines, nausea
• Ideal for afternoon use

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1 review for MEGALODON

  1. gdaw5259 (verified owner)

    Beautifully trimmed, dense nuggets that smell & taste heavenly! A joy to behold…….and smoke. A little goes a long way with this strain. You won’t be disappointed adding this to your order.

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