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A rare pure sativa strain, Malana gets its name from its origins in the Malana Village in the Himachal Pradesh region of Northern India. Also known as Pure Highland Sativa Chavras, this strain delivers a uniquely energizing experience.

This strain is characterized by its tropical mango flavor and creamy caramel exhale, complemented by aromas of sweet toffee, spicy florals and fruity overtones.

A perfect wake-and-bake strain, Malana sets off as a bright, heady high, delivering instant energy and a rush of creative thought. This is accompanied by a sense of light-hearted happiness and a serious case of the giggles before bringing you into a state where you’ll experience psychedelic thoughts and visions.

These effects make Malana a great option for those dealing with chronic fatigue, stress and depression, as well as migraines and headaches.

• 100% sativa
• Up to 25% THC
• Mango, caramel, spicy florals
• Energizing, giggly, psychedelic
• Great for fatigue, depression, migraines
• Ideal for daytime use

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1 review for MALANA

  1. herkar12 (verified owner)

    This strain of Malana is awesome one of my favorite smoke strains on Wholesale Bud. It instantly makes me happy, positive, ready to tackle duties and puts me in a ideal mood. It gives me a big boost of energy for about 2 hours. Great day time smoke but not for night time as it will keep you up for hours pasted your sleep schedule. It has a strong pudgent hash smell when smoked. It never gives me the munchies and I never feeling hungry after smoking it. I would highly recommend.

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