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Elevate your Day with this unique and fantastic product.

  • Sugar Free – contains Xylitol natural sweetener, which is known to: boost dental health; contain very few calories; has negligible effects on blood sugar and insulin; and contributed to overall gut health
  • Contains Full Spectrum cannabinoids, terpenes, and chlorophyll to provide you with the greatest entourage effects of the marijuana plant
  • Water Soluble – since this product isn’t oil based it can be mixed seamlessly with any beverage
  • Natural Flavours add aromas and tastes that can improve your beverage
  • Discrete and extremely affordable dosages – each dose costs you less than a cup of coffee (40 x 0.75ml doses in this 30ml bottle)

Water, juice, pop or any kind of carbonated beverage can be elevated with the “juicy fruit” aroma, taste and effect of this ground breaking product.

This product delivers the warm body effects you’d expect from a typical high quality THC Indica tincture or edible. The measured dose allows you the flexibility to find the right balance that best suits you and your needs at any given time.

Improve your appetite, get a deeper sleep, and feel elevated in mind, body and soul!

Directions: Dispense 0.75ml (20mg) in a drink or on your tongue

Ingredients: Grain alcohol, extracted death bubba (indica), xylitol sweetener, natural flavours, lemon oil extract, propylene glycol, polysorbate 80


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