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Are you looking to change the way you smoke weed?

Do you want to make it healthier and less harmful?

But you also don’t want to compromise on your pot experience?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then give a try to natural rolling leaf by King Palm. It is a completely natural rolling option. Unlike regular rolling papers that use a host of chemicals, preservatives, flavors, and glue, these rolling leaves are as natural as it gets.


Get the Perfect Slow Burn

King Palm Natural Leaf rolls are made of Cordia leaves. These leaves don’t possess the side effects of regular tobacco leaves. However, they burn just like them: slow and cold. In other words, you can enjoy your J with long drags and pauses without worrying about it getting burning like fuel. This slow-burning quality of this natural rolling leaf also increases the number of rounds when you smoke up with friends.


Doesn’t Interfere with the Taste of Your Strain

Many people are annoyed by regular rolling papers and tobacco leaves because they somewhat taint the natural taste of a strain you consume. Here too, this natural rolling leaf by king palm has the edge over all other blunt rolling options. It has a natural leafy taste that doesn’t interfere with or overwhelm the taste of cannabis strain filled inside. You get to taste all the main and subtle taste notes of the Indica, Sativa, or hybrid strain you are smoking up.


Easy to Fill Party Rolls

There are many out there who know how to smoke but don’t know how to roll. For many stoners, rolling up a joint without making a mess is no mean feat. This King Palm natural rolling leaf is a godsend for all those people. They are pre-rolled empty tubes that you don’t have to delicately curl around the weed and then glue it with saliva. Just fill the tube with your favorite strain and light up the blunt. King Palm Natural Leaf Roll makes a 10 cm long blunt with 3 grams of weed— a party-size J that is more than enough for an individual for a single session.


Comes with a Quality Filter

Every pre-rolled King Palm Leaf roll features a biodegradable corn husk filter. On the one hand, it highlights a completely organic and eco-friendly preparation of these leaf rolls. On the other hand, you get a flexible filter that you can squeeze and bite to have deeper and tighter draws. All King Palm filters are hand-rolled, and that is another feather in its sustainable and eco-friendly cap.


For more information on natural rolling leaves, different weed strains and cannabis paraphernalia, feel free to reach out to us. We house high-quality Sativa and Indica strains and can help you find the right one for you. You can browse through our website ‘’ to view the many options we have for our customers.


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