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We just received a very special batch of Jack. It is absolute FIRE! Don’t miss this one. It won’t last long.

With its great taste, appealing aroma and pleasing effects, Jack Herer is an award-winning strain that’s earned itself a whopping 14 High Life Cannabis Cups. Jack Here was created in the Netherlands in the mid-90’s, and while its exact genetic formula remains unknown, the sativa-dominant strain is thought to be a cross between Haze hybrids, Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk.

The strain is named after the legendary Jack Herer – the author of the notable book The Emperor Wears No Clothes, who was an avid cannabis activist and known user of medical marijuana.

It’s characterized by a distinctive aftertaste that’s reminiscent of sweet grapefruit with aromatic notes of earth, wood and pine.

The strain is known for its complex high that has both cerebral and physical effects. Users can expect to enter into a state of bliss and uplifting energy that spurs a sense of creativity. Definitely for morning use, as you’re unlike to be getting much sleep with this high.

Jack Herer is popular as a treatment for a range of ailments including stress, anxiety, ADHD, nausea, headaches, depression, bipolar disorder and PTSD.

• 55% sativa, 45% indica
• High THC
• Notes of sweet grapefruit, earth, pine and wood
• Excellent for pain, stress, anxiety, depression
• Great creative experience
• Recommended for morning use

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11 reviews for JACK HERER

  1. richarddansereau (verified owner)

    This is a great weed, my all time favorite. It makes you very analytical and is great for creativity, coming up with new ideas, new perspectives and introspection, also great for chatting, or gaming.

  2. herkar12 (verified owner)

    The Jack Herer from Wholesale Bud is excellent. Has a strong head buzz that leaves you happy, energetic and ready to tackle the day as for me was a daytime high. It has a spicy fruity smell and taste to it. Can give you somewhat of the munchies..Highly Recommend

  3. prairiefoxx (verified owner)

    We received this strain for our order freebie. Have been wanting to try JH for a long time. It is great for it’s pain-killing power, also an excellent all-day strain. It calms and energizes you at the same time! Not many strains do that!! Thanks WB!

  4. mikegerrior902 (verified owner)

    I have always been an indica or balanced hybrid type of guy. A lot of sativas for me personally tend to trigger anxiety which sucks because I use the noble medicine that is cannabis for the opposite reason. Anyway For a long time now, i’ve been told by lots to give jack herer a shot as they claimed it’s a sativa that will work for what I am looking for,. I gave it a shot and i love this strain. It left me happy and social as f**k! haha I was energized and ready to get things done. Coming down it left a nice mild body high that helped with minor muscle aches and pains. I have had zero negative side effects from this strain except the typical dry mouth or eyes and case of munchies. Jack herer is definitely one of them known strains that does what it claims. It’s now one of the few sativa strains that will be one of my go to’s. Good stuff.

  5. Daniel German (verified owner)

    Amazing strain. Functional, uplifting and with a touch of euphoria that melts anxiety away. About 20 minutes after you’re done smoking, it settles into a nice, non-sleepy high. Highly recommended!

  6. rjg888 (verified owner)

    It is strains like this that make you proud to be a weed smoker LOL. It does so many things very well. Engaging high, hard to sit on the sidelines after smoking this.

  7. robert.dupuis (verified owner)

    Sprinkle a little of this in your roll and watch yourself soar. Awesome product and great taste.

  8. bpbcc1 (verified owner)

    This strain is fantastic producing a very uplifting feeling that when it fades, it leads into very deep thinking. Plus it is a pleasure to smoke.

  9. The Happiest Hippy (verified owner)

    I love Jack, helps me concentrate on my studies. I stay focused, but if a take a little to much my mind will wander.. great for the day puts a little kick in my step. AND Wholesale Bud sends me the best tasting Jack I have had.

  10. jeremybreid (verified owner)

    Months ago I started off not a fan but then did that thing where I missed it when it was gone! So I re-bought a couple of times since. I like the flavors and the functional high from this strain. Plus if you want some solid reading material when you enjoying this product… look the guy up… very interesting. Will buy again and recommend to all.

  11. blafavebruce (verified owner)

    Nice strain for daytime and evening. Quite strong but allows you to still function and be sociable.

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