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Green Crack Strain – A Distinct Experience

Green crack strain is famous for giving people an energetic buzz. Due to the negative connotation of the word crack, people have started to call this strain, Green Cush. Regardless of what they call it, people are huge fans of the strain’s liveliest taste, rich-THC components, and sativa-dominant nature.


Uplift Your Mood with Green Crack Strain

Being a Sativa-dominant hybrid, Green Crack is a great choice for beginners, as well as, cannabis enthusiasts. It brings together the perfect blend of soothing properties, making it the ideal choice for either recreational or medicinal purposes.

A few hits of Green Crack can have the same effect as gulping down a cup of coffee. It leaves an invigorating sensation that reenergizes the entire body and makes the mind more alert. Green Crack strain profoundly sharpens focus, but it may come at the cost of drowning out your surroundings.

The initial jolt of energy will surge through the core of your body and will then make its way to your head. These effects can be uplifting and euphoric while increasing concentration and creativity. Other psychedelic effects include visual distortions and time dilation.

Although the buzz in energy is intense at first, it won’t leave you feeling over-energized. Because of energetic effects of Green Crack effects, the strain is an extremely popular recreational dose for morning and daytime use.


When Should You Use Green Crack Strain?

Green Crack doesn’t have the same deeply relaxing effects and benefits as other cannabis strains do, but it still has some medical applications. The strain is an ideal dose for people who suffer from drowsiness or fatigue. Many users take the stain to increase energy levels and improve their mood while staying alert.


Appearance and Taste of Green Crack

What makes Green crack strain (aka the Green Cush) appear unique is its earthy and natural smell resonating from its trichome-covered bugs. The bugs can uplift people immediately, preparing them for a lasting high they are going to experience. While inhaling its unique scent, you may notice a hint of sweet fruit, distinctly similar to a mango’s aroma earlier in its bud.

The flower has a pale green flower adjoined with auburn hairs that are thicker than most strains. At the same time, the weed’s terse, compact structure makes it easier for marijuana handlers to grind and pack bowls easily. After the first toke, most Green Crack users are stunned by its wonderful flavor due to its surprisingly soft bud. This bud will coat your tongue gently and slowly release a pleasant sensation of citrus.


History and Genetics of Green Crack

Green crack strainoriginated from Atlanta, where farmers cultivated it as a descendant of the popular Skunk #1 strain in the late 1990s. Although most people debate its exact ancestry, they agree that Green Crack consists of varied elements of the potent Indicas.

At the same time, many people believe that its genetic structure includestraces of the Afghani landrace, which reinvigorates the entire body and lets users experience a unique buzzy effect. On average, Green crack strain comprises of 18% THC content. As a result, it manages to outperform many weaker strains easily.


Green Crack is an energizing strain that uplifts your mood and gives you the mental strength to get through the day. If you want a social lubricant that lets you bond over with your friends or your significant other, you should definitely consider making Green crack strain a part of your smoking routine.

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  1. fwls (verified owner)

    Tasty strain with a buzz thats out of this world…

  2. Peppa313 (verified owner)

    Perfect to get your day started! Also has a great smell. Never disappoints. Always looks fresh.

  3. robert.dupuis (verified owner)

    Another winner here! The quality of the products from by far surpasses any other site I’ve gotten from in the past. Amazing quality. Tastes great and won’t disappoint.

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