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Benefits of Using a Strong Cannabis Strain

With mounting research studies and clinical trials, we now know a host of therapeutic and recreational benefits of consuming cannabis. However, strong marijuana strains are still seen as something that may not be good for everyone. For instance, options like gorilla glue shatter strain are considered strong, and people avoid them for “unknown” reasons.

It is true that strong cannabis strains must be used when one has already consumed marijuana in one form or the other and know how it works, and the body reacts to its consumption. However, avoiding strong strains even if you are completely comfortable in smoking cannabis means you are just missing out on many benefits.

In this blog, we will try to highlight some of the advantages and “highs” of smoking up strong cannabis strains.


You Can Use it to Quit Alcohol

First of all, drawing a parallel between alcohol and cannabis is wrong. Both items are not just different in terms of their intoxications, but they are also different for their health consequences and immediate psychological effects. For instance, a strong cannabis strain used in an edible form is not going to affect any vital organ the way alcohol does. Moreover, even the strongest cannabis strains don’t impair motor functions like alcohol.

You can also use a strong strain to quit your excessive use of alcohol. A strong strain like gorilla glue shatter can produce the intoxication as high as the alcohol but without producing its harmful side effects. For all those who have already rebounded several times while in the mission to quit alcohol, the use of strong cannabis strain perhaps is the answer.


You Can Keep Your Weight in Check

Cannabis creates one of the strongest munchies. So, this heading seems a little unconvincing. Also, if you have seen some munchies-struck individuals eating food or have experienced it yourself, you won’t believe that a strong cannabis strain can help you in keeping your weight in check. However, academic researchers suggest otherwise.

Researchers at Quebec University Health Centers ran a study where they observed a group of 700 adults of all adult age groups. They have found that strong strain cannabis users among them are less likely to have a higher body mass index. This means strong cannabis users have less body fat, making them less prone to diabetes and cardiovascular complications.


You Can Enter Euphoric Zone

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to do acids or take pills to get the ultimate high. If you are using a highly potent cannabis strain, you can achieve the euphoric mode without resorting to illicit and untested substances. Also, the euphoria brought by a strong cannabis strain is free of any adverse side effects because, unlike pills, they are formally tested and approved for safe human consumption.

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  1. wright1 (verified owner)

    Honestly, I’ve never had a bad strain of “GG” from anywhere, maybe different levels of potency but always good. This version from “Wholesale” is as I hoped, very potent, even in a Vape, it hits hard. Not much is needed before the numbness sets in. I find the high similar to Dank Schrader first hit , right behind the eyes then all senses become alive and body tingles, very heavy euphoria after the 2nd and that was all it took to get “Glued”…..if you want that old fashioned type of stone, this is it.

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