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God in Canada

If you are into heavy Indica strains for their tranquilizing properties, then God in Canada is the bud you will certainly love. This Indica strain doesn’t belong to the God Bud by any means. It doesn’t contain any of God Bud components— God in Canada is a god in itself.


Exclusively Sourced from British Colombia

You will only find this Indica-dominant strain on the top shelves of Wholesale Bud. We are exclusively sourcing it from its only vendor who has been harvesting it for decades. If you like to smoke exclusive farm-grown stuff, God in Canada is a good option to consider. It will give you a premium feel of smoking exclusive marijuana without breaking your bank.


One of the Top Indica Strains

God in Canada is one of the giants in the Indica range. You can rank it with some of the strongest Indica strains like Dank Schrader and Godfather OG. When it comes to the form and effect, it makes for a quintessential Indica bud. It is a small thick bud that induces a strong body high that is all about relief and comfort.


The Best Nighttime Companion

Do you want to get into the deeper level of dreaming, or are you struggling to sleep due to insomnia? For any of those conditions, God in Canada is worth a short. It is considered perfect for nighttime use because it can create a tranquilizing halo where your mind relaxes and shuts down its gates to the incoming clutter of unnecessary and anxious thoughts.

Even if you don’t want to sleep, you can use God in Canada to match up with the serenity and stillness of the night. If nighttime meditation is your thing, try it with some God in Canada, you will have a mindful experience of a lifetime.


On Par with CBD in Relieving Pain

Whether you are suffering from muscle spasm, chronic backache, or any other debilitating pain where regular painkillers have rendered useless, you can come to God in Canada. It won’t disappoint you. This cannabis bud has the therapeutic attributes of a pure Indica strain.

When you consume it, it numbs your pain receptors and sends you in a state where pain only seems like a far-distant dream. If you can’t sleep due to chronic ailments, God in Canada will be your sleeping aid.


It Gets Your Appetite Back

Many people lose their regular appetite after experiencing some physical or mental trauma. This loss of appetite further takes its toll on their physical and mental health. By using the God of Canada strain, you can get your desire for food back. The appetite-boosting properties of Indica are at full display in God of Canada.

For more information on God on Canada, similar other Indica strains, and a host of other cannabis products, feel free to reach out to us. We house high-quality Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains and can help you find the right one for you. You browse through our website ‘WholesaleBud.co’ to view the many options we have for our customers.

3 reviews for GOD

  1. fwls (verified owner)

    Once again this strain proves to be one of the best Ive had …Amazing taste …

  2. Eric (verified owner)

    I love the taste the smell the buzz, this is the best weed i tried for sleeping or relaxing Thanks

  3. musicbynimz123 (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this stuff! Puts a permanent smile on your face for about an hour, then a great sense of calming and relaxation. Perfect night time medicine!

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