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Death Bubba Strain

If you want to experience a truly phenomenal high then you must try out the Death Bubba strain, which comprises of extremely high levels of THC and CBD levels. Make no mistake about it, this weed strain is one of the strongest ones in the market and one of the best ones that you’re ever going to smoke. It was first created in Vancouver in 2012, and has become wildly popular ever since that time.

If you’re a newbie, you should prepare yourself for an intense trip, as recreational users of this strain have stated that it produces one of the best body stones ever. The effects of the Death Bubba strain come on strong and it starts out as a spaced-out, psychoactive head rush. After only an hour of this strain, you’re going to enter a state of supreme relaxation and tune out from other people.

When the high wears off, you’re going to be blanketed by sleep and you’re going to fall into the deepest slumber that you’ve ever had. That’s where Death Bubba has got its name from and because of the effects of the strain it is considered best for use at night. You can even use it during the day time if you plan on laying around on your couch the whole day without getting any work done.


Strong and Intense High

Death Bubba may have a strong and intense high but it does relax you when the high starts wearing off and you’re going to find yourself in a good mood. The strain helps relieve stress, tremors, depression, muscle spasms, and alcohol withdrawal. It is considered to be an excellent medical marijuana strain for people who have trouble sleeping and are dealing with chronic pain.

The unique flavor and aroma of the strain is a lovely mixture of lemony, earthy, and piney, with floral, musky, and spicy notes that will elevate your high. So, the next time that you want to kick back and relax in your home without a care in the world, you should try out the Death Bubba strain.


Knocks You Off Your Feet

One of the best parts about the Death Bubba strain is the intense head rush and psychoactive high that it produces, which is going to knock you off your feet. Cancel all your plans and spend the rest of your day indoors once you’ve taken a couple of hits of this strain. The high THC and CBD levels of this strain mean that it is not recommended for newbies as the strain could be too powerful for them.

For experienced users, prepare to experience a high unlike any that you have ever experience in your life. The Death Bubba strain is strong and powerful, but it also relaxes and leaves you in a state of euphoria once it starts to wear off, which is one of its great properties.

2 reviews for DEATH BUBBA

  1. Derekzebrowski (verified owner)

    Nice 👍 smooth very nice relaxing 😎 perfect for evening time

  2. jdemers.1215 (verified owner)

    Exactly as described. Sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed ❤️

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