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Dank Schrader

If you want to enjoy a high as you’ve never experienced before, the Dank Schrader strain is one that you must get your hands on. It offers a fabulous high and has big, tight nugs that will leave you floored or passed out on your couch. The strain has originated from Vancouver and quickly gained popularity among cannabis smokers because of its smooth, swift, and powerful launch that hits both the mind and the body. Most users swear by it that it’s the best Indica strains currently going around in the market today.

The Dank Schrader strain is an Indica-dominant strain, created through a cross of the infamous Rockstar Kush and the Bubba Kush strains. It is so potent that only one toke is all that it’s going to take to have you in a state of complete relaxation. The strain delivers a distinct high that goes beyond anything that you have ever experienced in your life.


Experience a Potent High

Many strains promise to deliver potent highs, but not many of them live up to the promise. The Dank Schrader strain is one that delivers on every level possible and is one strain that you’re going to love smoking up with your friends. It lets you experience an intense high that will leave you euphoric, creative, talkative, and uplifted.

The strain is known to help you overcome your stress, insomnia, depression, fatigue, and pain. It is great for all sorts of activities, like watching TV, reading, studying, eating, vegging out, and sleeping. If you’re a new smoker and haven’t tried pot, you should be careful with Dank Schrader because of its potency and its great high.


Unique Flavor that Will Have You Craving for More

One of the best parts about the Dank Schrader strain is that it has a unique flavor that’s sweet, tropical (mango and bubblegum), and piney. You should expect a thick, sweet smoke from weed that burns evenly and gives you a high, unlike any that you’ve ever experienced before in your life.

The Dank Schrader strain is extremely potent and, therefore, you should be careful in its use as it is known to easily overwhelm newbies. The high that it produces is enough to knock you off your feet, so you should be prepared for an experience unlike any that you’ve ever had.

Dankest Weed You’ll Try

If you want to try the very best Indica-strain with your friends, you should get the Dank Schrader strain as it is designed to produce the most potent high ever. You can indulge in a vast range of activities when the high takes effect and expect a lot of munchies to hit you, so you should prepare a lot of snacks and drinks while you’re on it.

For the best experience, you should smoke it in the day time and when you have nothing better to do, as it will take you on a trip that you’ll remember for a long time.


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