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Crystal Coma is a 70/30 sativa dominant strain that packs a whopping 27% THC. It’s a cross between Skunk and Cheese and is incredibly potent.

This will give even the most experienced smokes a run for their money.

The smell is an intense blend of pine and lemon with cheesy undertones. It tastes clean and crisp with hints of spice. The flavor will give you more than enough reason to keep coming back for more.

Crystal Coma offers a high unlike anything you may have experienced before. It manages to deliver a heady high that will uplift your mood in no time and leave depression in the rear view. You’ll feel euphoric and happy. Expect your day to go much better from this point forward.

Expect the high to last you anywhere between two to five hours. You will feel energized and focused all the while sinking into a state of satisfaction.

Weights: 1g 3.5g 7g 14g 28g 112g 224g
Gram Eighth Quarter Half OZ Ounce Quarter Lb Half Lb

All WBUD cannabis strains have received extremely favourable reviews from other marijuana sites in Canada and the US. Some have also received awards and been recognised. WBUD strains are grown indoors in British Columbia, Canada; they’re true BC Buds.

5 reviews for CRYSTAL COMA

  1. herkar12 (verified owner)

    The Crystal Coma from Wholesale Bud is an awesome high. It is a head like high that puts you in a good mood and deliveries a great deal of happiness and positivity. You receive a rush of energy that last for hours. Can give you somewhat of the munchies. The aroma when lit can be skunk like smelly. I would highly recommed Crystal Coma from Wholesale Bud.

  2. wright1 (verified owner)

    First time trying this ,I’m so glad I got a 1/4 instead of the 1/8, when I usually try a new strain. This is what you want when you have a high tolerance and over 40 yrs experience, you need that something extra. Hit’s right away, all senses come alive and you walk away after you’re done, ready to tackle pretty much anything and feeling very satisfied!!! ( Isn’t that what it’s all about )
    Lot’s of energy, euphoria and positive vibes from this one and it lasts longer than usual. I have to put this one in the top 3 Sativas I’ve tried to date. Will be getting more next time …if there is any left! Really, a must try…( This place really lives up to their mission statement) and that says a “WHOLE-LOT” This place has really impressed me for the short time I’ve been signed-up .
    From $8.00 Alaskan Thunder Fuck very good stuff, to the higher $12 – $14 take no prisoner strains like Crystal Coma or Pink Starburst I’m starting to feel very much at home here , a very happy customer, Hal Wright

  3. crossthebridge40 (verified owner)

    This is unbelievably awesome! Well worth the 12$ too bad this wasn’t on sale ! Intense buzz took me away to bliss

  4. robert.dupuis (verified owner)

    Simply the best. Not for the faint of heart. If your not an experienced smoker you might want to work your way up to this one.

  5. robert.dupuis (verified owner)

    A family friends Dad suffers from all kinds of illnesses. I helped him out and gave him for pain. He told me hadn’t napped like that in years and brought him back to the seventies. Far out man!!!

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