A perfectly balanced hybrid, Cheese is as much known for its striking appearance as it is for its super potent effects and iconic taste.

The vibrant, emerald-colored bud has a distinct cheddar-like taste and aroma with hints of fruity berries and skunk.

Cheese hits fast and hard, delivering strong waves of euphoria and an overall boost in happiness accompanied by a body-numbing high and a powerful urge to gobble down some snacks. This may be followed by a state of couch-lock. Note that this strain’s intense effects may be too much for beginners.

These properties make Cheese a good choice for dealing with symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression and loss of appetite.

• 50% indica, 50% sativa
• 15-20% THC
• Cheese, fruity berries, skunk
• Euphoria, relaxing, sedative
• Great for pain, anxiety, loss of appetite
• Ideal for nighttime use

Weights: 1g 3.5g 7g 14g 28g 112g 224g
Gram Eighth Quarter Half OZ Ounce Quarter Lb Half Lb


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