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A relative newcomer to the cannabis world, Black Nuken is a genetic cross between Black Ice and Duke Nuken. The Canadian-bred strain has quickly made a name for itself as a top tier, indica-leaning hybrid known for its potent effects and aesthetic appeal.

The strain has a very strong skunky aroma balanced by sweet floral undertones. The smoke is quite smooth with heavy flavors of citrus and bold, spicy notes.

Users can expect a high that comes on fast and strong, producing uplifting feelings and a mild boost in energy. The buzz is long-lasting with minimal burnout, making this strain perfect for daytime users.

Black Nuken’s potent mix of uplifting and relaxing properties, making it a good strain for dealing with symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety and insomnia.

• Indica dominant
• Up to 27% THC
• Skunky, sweet floral, citrus
• Uplifting, energetic, relaxing
• Great for depression, stress, insomnia
• Ideal for daytime use

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