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Arjan’s Haze

The Arjan’s Haze is to the world of marijuana what the most elegant aged wine is to the world of alcohol connoisseurs. This sophisticated hybrid is a Sativa-dominant strain that is a part of our collection of extremely potent Super Killz marijuana. You can count on taking your mind to new places when you have some of this.


Like Fine Wine

Imagine the fresh aroma of mint with a dash of sweet bell pepper, spices, and the taste of fennel. The blend of all these smells is what awaits you, riddled with hints of vegetable gardens and flowery scents providing a perfect overlay. As you enjoy the delectable taste of this strain, the Sativa gets to work to elevate your mind to new heights.

This potent hybrid, which is a cross between the popular Neville’s Haze X and G-13 strains of cannabis, contains 80% Sativa and 20% Indica. You immediately feel yourself floating and rising higher and higher into what can be described as the most introspective high you might ever feel.


Dehaze Your Mind

If you want to know the creativity that lies dormant in the deepest recesses of your mind, this is the strain that will guide you to the doors and give you the keys. The Sativa-dominant strain is perfect for clearing your mind and helping you get things done with its uplifting effects.

Arjan’s Haze has this innate ability to bring out the best in a person. Whether you want to focus on intricate tasks, meditate to learn about your true self, or socialize with a bunch of people, Arjan’s Haze clears up your mind to help you get things done. To truly experience psychedelia and unlock new avenues for your mind to explore within yourself, you can increase your dosage.


Rarest of Rare

This highly popular strain has won several accolades over the years for its scintillating highs and THC content that averages at least 21%. It is also a challenge to grow this beautiful hybrid. This potent strain is a challenging one to find. The production process needs to be slow, meticulous, and the plant takes a long time to produce its buds.

The Arjan’s Haze is a pride and joy for us because we can offer you plenty of it. It is even more potent and rare than our Topshelf Collection of weed. Our highly sophisticated process of growing and our professionals’ experience can guarantee you a better quality of Arjan’s Haze than from other growers.

Considering how powerful the strain is, it is fair enough to warn you if you are a newbie. This strain is not something you should toy with if you are a first-timer. Seasoned veterans need to take their time to acclimate to the strain. If you are new to it, pace yourself and experience brilliance like no other with this lovely creation.

Once you begin to understand the possibilities it offers, you can increase your dosage to experience highs you’ve never experienced. If you want to know more about Arjan’s Haze or any other products we offer, feel free to get in touch with us.

4 reviews for ARJAN’S HAZE

  1. wright1 (verified owner)

    So far, I think this is the one Sativa to beat of the many great choices on offer here! ( So far )
    It’s so clear & clean, with endless energy and that’s after only 1 – 2 puffs, it’s really potent, very easy to overdue it on this one.
    Really lasts a long while too! A great social lubricant , makes you feel alive , but it is also fantastic for creativity. If you are a musician or just want to boost your aural experience, it’s all right here , courtesy of “Arjan’s Haze”. Very much a must buy…..I’ve never seen this one anywhere, it’s a fantastic experience , I’m stoked to find something this good……Hal

  2. herkar12 (verified owner)

    The Arjan’s Haze from Wholesale Bud is an excellent potent smoke that leaves you talkative and puts you into good spirits. Great for relieving stress after a hard day at work. It gives you energy to tackle your duties and smells like black licorice. Can give you somewhat of the munchies. I would recommend Arjan’s Haze.

  3. fwls (verified owner)

    Wow..Energy for hours….Tastes Amazing..

  4. mccallscott007 (verified owner)

    Very good

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