Top Shelf

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Potent, flavourful, and carefully cured, WBUD’s top-shelf collection features high quality strains that are difficult to find anywhere else online. Our products include rare strains exclusive to, such as Blissful Wizard and the Nova OG hybrid.

Users can tell top-shelf quality buds from their vibrant colors and above-average trichome content, which improves the bud’s potency and effectiveness. Top-shelf strains tend to have a strong and pungent smell. Novice and first-time users should be aware of their effects before use since they could take hours to wear off.

All-Organic Strains

Our all-organic, award-winning strains are some of the best products on the market. These strains can be used for pain relief or for a relaxing high that lasts for hours. Our customers can rely on to provide these quality products at fair prices.

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