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Understand the different strain qualities before making a purchase. As one of the largest online sources for marijuana, WBUD features regular strains from local British Columbia growers. Choose from an extensive selection of our popular Alaskan Thunder Fuck to our hybrid Rockstar.

You can tell a bud is mid-shelf quality based on its appearance, texture, and scent. It has more trichomes than low-shelf strains, providing a more potent experience for the user. When pressed, the bud should have some bounce to it. Our regular products are a good starter for new users.

Competitive Prices for Quality Products has been in the marijuana business for years. We have developed the means to provide high-quality products at fair, wholesale prices. We work closely with our local growers and offer only the best all-organic mail order products for our customers’ convenience.

Browse through our archives to check out our wide range of regular buds.