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Buy Premium Indica Strains Online in Canada
WBUD offers a wide variety of Indica strains, from Bubba Kush to Gorilla Glue. Each strain that we carry is specifically chosen for its potency to maximize its beneficial effects.

Whether you’re ordering for recreational or medicinal use or for your dispensary, expect to get homegrown-quality Indica strains and a seamless buying experience.

What are Indica Strains?

Indica is a type of marijuana that is popular with people looking for a relaxing and sedating experience. Users and researchers value this strain for its ability to help relieve physical pain and inhibit anxiety. The Indica plant itself is noted for its shorter flowering cycles, making it ideal for cold climates with short seasons.

On average, Indica contains higher levels of THC than CBD. However, recent trends in cultivation, as well as the successful legalization efforts in the country, are helping researchers breed Indica strains that retain the anti-pain and anti-anxiety properties while enhancing the inherent medical benefits.

Why Choose

If you want to buy Indica online, always make sure that the supply comes from trusted sources. makes this easy for you by working closely with local BC growers, who are renowned for their high-quality products.

Our mission is to give customers secure and convenient access to the best BC bud from independent growers. With our easy online shopping experience, we can serve areas that aren’t served by local dispensaries. As a wholesale supplier, we also support the growth of local dispensaries by supplying them with a wide array of organic Indica strains at competitive prices.

Browse through our wide selection of Indica strains and unlock the many benefits of medical marijuana.