Cannabis Chocolates

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Exquisite ingredients, high potency. WBUD’s decadent cannabis-laced chocolates satisfy your cravings for sweets and marijuana. Each chocolate bar, dough drop or peanut butter cup is meticulously made with a precise cannabis proportion. Whether you’re after the therapeutic benefits or want to get an amazing high, you’re sure to find the perfect snack from WBUD’s selection.

No need to smoke from a bong, roll up a joint or trouble yourself with dab rigs. Neither do you have to make a mess out of your kitchen in pursuit of the perfect chocolate edibles. It’s difficult to get the accurate amount of cannabis butter, anyway. Just place an order from WBUD, and you’re good to go!

High-Quality Ingredients

Potency is a priority for our team, so we work closely with local growers to ensure that only the finest buds make it to the extraction. Through our stringent process, we remove all the plant matter, pesticide and other impurities from the CBD and THC. The pure and potent distillate is then infused into our chocolate edibles.

The potency is just half of the equation, though. We make sure that the edibles taste good, too. So we don’t use ordinary baking ingredients. Case in point: our CBD Dark Chocolate Bar uses single-origin, fair trade, organic, 75% dark chocolate. It doesn’t get more luxurious than that.

You’ll barely taste or smell the marijuana. Just pure, rich, chocolatey goodness.

The Effects of Our Edibles

The effects you might feel are as varied as the chocolates in our selection. We have bars for people who are just after the medical properties as well as choices for those who want to get stoned.

Our CBD chocolate bar gives you the medical benefits of marijuana without getting you high. You’ll experience relief from stress, pain, insomnia and anxiety. Meanwhile, our peanut butter dough drops, peanut butter cups and chocolate bars deliver a euphoric high — a tasty way to get buzzed. They also help ease muscle pain, stress and anxiety.

Take note, though, that it will take a while before you feel the effects. Unlike with smoking, the active components of the CBD and THC don’t go straight to the bloodstream. The cannabis-laced snacks will be digested by the stomach, then processed by the liver. This doesn’t make the chocolates less potent, though.

The results differ, too, depending on your marijuana tolerance, weight, metabolism and diet. The potency may also decrease if you eat the chocolates with other types of food.

Storing Your Chocolates

Strictly keep the chocolates away from children and pets.

Store the chocolates in a freezer to prolong their shelf life. They’re most flavourful when they’re served at room temperature.

Munch your way to pain relief and euphoric relaxation. Email us at and order your cannabis chocolates today.