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Buy concentrated marijuana online from WBUD, Canada’s trusted wholesale provider of top-quality buds. Our concentrates come in a variety of forms and potency; we carry distillates, hash, tinctures, shatters and moonrocks.

Whether you need a high concentration of cannabinoid for recreational and medicinal use or for your brick and mortar dispensary, we offer the finest products at wholesale prices.

Ideal for Seasoned Pot Smokers

Marijuana concentrates are made by extracting THC and CBD, or the cannabinoids from plant material. The different types are classified by the process and use of solvent during extraction. These solvents could be butane, ethanol or CO2.

Its potency will depend on the level of THC found in the concentrate. Some will contain a high of 80 percent while others have a low of 40 percent. Top shelf weed typically has about 20 percent THC.

High-Quality Concentrates

Our concentrated cannabis products are great for experienced smokers who want to increase the intensity of their high. Perfect for flavour connoisseurs, they offer a rich, exquisite taste in any form.

WBUD concentrates are made only from 100 percent pesticide-free, organic marijuana cultivated by local BC growers and created by master craftsmen. This ensures that you receive only the finest products, whether it’s for personal and medicinal use or for your dispensary.
Wholesale Concentrates Canada
Your Complete One-Stop-Shop for Quality Wholesale Concentrates in Canada
Cannabis concentrates are in great demand these days as they provide a fantastic alternative for the traditional marijuana flower. It has allowed patients the benefit of vaping specific concentrates or isolated strains to get the most potent effects from it. At, we offer wholesale concentrates that are highly concentrated to give you the best and most invigorating high.

We house an extensive collection of wholesale concentrates and strive to bring the perfect cannabis products for you. Our collection includes concentrated THC and CBD extracts from cannabis flowers and is done by separating the trichomes and resin from the flowers to extract the maximum number of terpenes and cannabinoids.
Purest Quality Concentrates in Canada
Our wholesale concentrates store is well stocked to meet the needs of any medical marijuana dispensary in Canada. We know how to supply businesses with cost-effective wholesale dispensary products that will meet your budget.

If you’re thinking about building a business in the Canadian Concentrates market, in Canada will offer you all the help you need to launch a successful business. We connect cannabis farms to processors and edible companies for producing processed cannabis and more. It starts with high-grade cannabis, and our genius processors who turn the raw elements of Cannabis into the best wholesale concentrates you’re ever likely to find in Canada.

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